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People are the greatest resource and the most important asset of the business organizations. They are viewed as a source of business organizations’ competitive advantage. Business organizations can achieve competitive edge over their competitors if they have high quality workforce with non-imitable professional skills that enables them to upstage their competitors through innovated and better quality products and services offering quicker response to the customer requirement. Legion of such workforce helps the business organizations not only leading in the arena of their business but also remaining proactive through quickly adapting to the changing environment and grabbing new opportunities.

But the question arises whether the organizations fully understand how they can have repertoire of competitive human resources and to retain it for longer period. This is an important issue to be addressed. To attain this state of affairs, the HR function has to play proactive role – moving from the role of just implementing business strategy to helping the organization in preparing business strategy. Instead of being only the implementer it has to be strategic partner also.

Strategic HR Promotion (SHRP) undertakes the responsibility of elevating the business organization’s HR function as its strategic partner through linking it with its strategic goals and objectives, which in turn, helps improve organization’s overall performance. It builds the HR systems for the business organizations that help them identify right people for the right job – the kind of people they want keeping in view the nature of their business and the business strategy they are pursuing. It also helps the organizations to locate such people for final selection. While working across all corporate sectors, it employs a simple yet effective approach to each project.

SHRP has rich expertise in enhancing performance of the business organizations’ workforce through building and implementing complete set of performance management system that includes job profiles of the entire workforce, converting each job profile in performance goals, and then designing the performance appraisal instruments.

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